Eden Wine Route

experience the garden of Eden

Born from a mutual love of wine, travel and our beautiful area, a group of dynamic entrepreneurs and fellow oenophiles got together and created the Eden Wine Route. From the mountainous area of Hessequa to the forests of the Bitou district, the Garden Route District Municipality (formerly the Eden District Municipality) is home to more than 50 wine farms and distillers.

Although not nearly as popular as its more famous wine route cousins to the west, the Eden district has grown exponentially in its wine and liquor production over the past decade and there is a definite lack of focus when it comes to wine as a tourist attraction in this area.

Enter the Eden Wine Route…

A feast of wine & culinary delights

The Eden district covers an area of 23,331 square kilometers in the south-eastern part of the Western Cape. The district is divided into seven local municipalities covering the regions known as the Garden Route and the Little Karoo. It stretches to the Breede River mouth and the Langeberg mountains in the west, where it abuts the Overberg District Municipality and (for a short distance) the Cape Winelands District Municipality. To the north, the boundary with the Central Karoo District Municipality runs along the Swartberg mountains. In the east, the municipality runs up to the Eastern Cape provincial boundary.

South Africa’s wine tourism industry has been rated as one of the best in the world. Not only because of our favorable exchange rate makes it very affordable for international visitors to spend time in South Africa, but also due to the diversity and quality we offer.

To date, mostly the Cape Winelands come to mind when thinking of wine tourism in South Africa, but like a sleeping beauty, the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, which form part of the Eden district, has slowly awakened to become part of the top wine-producing areas in the world.

We wish to promote the Garden Route District, formerly known as the Eden District, as one of the top and most diverse, wine regions in the world.

Come explore what we have to offer!

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